SCC – Members of the Independent Specialty Medical Dealers Association (IMDA)

SCC Members of the Independent Specialty Medical Dealers Association

IMDA represents the most economical method of bringing a new technology to market.

We are independent but operate as a single entity within our companies. We share best practices so a manufacturer can expect a higher level of service from those representing their products. We hire seasoned people that are trained extensively about the methods of bringing a new technology to market. In today’s world of IDN’s, GPO’s, and hospital groups selling a new technology is no easy feat. We teach representatives methods of navigating thorough these organizations. We currently have about 250-300 sales reps nationwide in the IMDA companies. We also represent about 40 manufacturer members that count on our abilities to know how to bring their new technologies to market in an efficient manner. This means not having 15 dealers across the united States that each find and solve every pitfall individually as they try to bring technology to market in their region with no idea what is going on elsewhere in the United States.

For the Healthcare provider we offer a method of obtaining new technology that means they can benefit from experiences others in the US have already figured out. They also realize that when they work with an IMDA member, they are working with a company that understands their Hospital or IDN’s procedures and most likely already has a relationship with the facility. GPO’s are starting to realize that the companies that bring new technologies to market are different than the normal vendors they work with. They realize that we are not on contract for a reason. IMDA is working with GPO’s to remove this hurdle to sales and hope to be successful at designing a contract that will make our sales efforts easier while maintaining the GPO’s confidence level in the companies they contract with.

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